Who is Tennessee Bartenders?

Who would have ever thought I would end up in the catering business. My early college years at Pellissippi earned me a transfer degree in science. After that it was off to the University of Tennessee to study biomedical engineering. I started Tennessee Bartenders while in college because I needed extra cash to pay for books.

Not long after starting this company I realized the need for this service and decide to make a go of it. Now Tennessee Bartenders has blossomed into the largest provider of private bartending services in Tennessee. With our own health insurance program, over 20 bartenders, and a huge inventory of party rentals we now have the ability to provide catering equipment and bar services for 6-8 private events per day.

Our services focus on three main items which are chocolate fountains, cakes, and bartenders for events. Our cakes are designed by my mother Penny Mcmurry. Penny does'nt just design our cakes because she's my mom! She has designed some of the largest sculptured cakes in the world and has a vast knowledge of the cake business. She has a long history in cake design and for many years owned Penny's Cake Shop in Knoxville, TN. Bartending is my specialty and everyone we hire is trained on, not only the aspects of good bar service, but proper catering procedures to ensure we are prepared for anything. All of our bartenders often talk shop on how we can create the next best cocktail for our customers.

I believe our success has been possible for several distinct reasons. The most obvious reason for me to say is that people like us. We know how to act at each event and will strive to make sure it is a success. I feel this has been proven by our guest comments and repeat customers. Next, I think our willingness to spend big money on equipment provides a bar setting for our customers that is top-notch. While every customer may not notice this, we believe it helps to provide a high level of service. Last I believe that our drink designs help to set us apart from the typical caterer. With years of experience mixing drinks I have started to take an interest in matching cocktail recipes and pairing custom made drinks with the caterer's food selection. Deluging our guests with an assortment of never before seen drink creations adds to the excitement of a Tenneessee Bartenders hosted event. We don't make your bar good we make it outstanding!

If you need help designing or creating a bar set-up contact us anytime as we love to talk bar! Also, be sure to browse our recipes page for a listing of custom designed drink recipes.

Andy Lakatos
(865) 357-0404 office

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