Theoretical Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipe

Cocktail Name: Turkey Dinner
Created By: Andy Lakatos
Inspiration: Who Knows

Usually, I have to try recipes and adjust the ingredients to come up with what I think is yum yum. This recipe question just seemed to float to the top of my head this morning. How do you make a Thanksgiving cocktail? Here is the methodology of how I arrived to this combination of mixology selectionizations.

First, I tried to remember the most popular liquor for Thanksgiving, and ofcourse, I came up with Wild Turkey.

Second, I asked myself, self, other than being named after a turkey what does wild turkey have to do with thanksgiving? Eureka, it was corn! Wild turkey is a bourbon so that means it has atleast 51% corn mash, so we'll call this part of the recipe Corn.

Third, I thought what goes with corn on Thanksgiving and its usually potatoes, turkey, and that wierd cranberry junk, so my next step was to add the potatoes in the form of potatoe vodka, so we shall add some Chopin vodka to the mix and call it this part of the recipe Potatoes.

Fourth, we shall add some cranberry juice and call this part of the recipe Canberry Junk.

Fifth, I couldnt think of nada that's distilled with turkey so will garnish this bad boy with a sliver of turkey and this shall make up our final ingredient to the drink, Turkey!

Anyways, I am going to make one of these later this evening and give it a taste with my leftovers. I'll post a picture of the concoction above this post. Be sure to let me know how derranged you guys think this one is! Get more freaky cocktail recipes at http://www.tennesseebartenders.com

What a blast guys! Here is the photo taken of me just after making the cocktail. It was great! You may want to leave out the garnish though. Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!

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