Fun wedding bar ideas

Featured cocktails are a great benefit you get when hiring Tennessee Bartenders. If you're hosting a fully stocked bar we can design a featured drink named after the host, company, or whatever fits the occasion, at no additional costs. Our featured drinks always consist of either fresh fruits, interesting garnishes, or fancy mix methods

However, there is no need to stop with just one featured drink. You can host a party that consists of specialty cocktails throughout the entire evening. While hosting this type of party will increase your expenditures, the benefits can be very rewarding. To understand how a party can consist of specialty cocktails all night, try to imagine eating a fancy full course meal. Your meal may have an appetizer, salad, soup, main dish, and dessert just like a specialty drink menu.

Here is an example:
Pre-Party Cocktail

Arriving guests are served a custom designed champagne cocktail.

For example, we custom create a fresh fruit puree and mix it with your choice of champagne selection. Add a Garnish of fresh fruit to compliment the puree and you have instant conversation when your guests arrive.
Pre-Meal Cocktails
Served when guests prepare for dinner.

We have cocktail servers walk to each table with a pitcher of fresh fruit sangria. Sangria can be a great compliment to many dishes served before the main course. When guests see the pitchers and listen to the servers description of the sangria, they will realize the effort put into it's preperations.
Main course Cocktails & Drinks

Served during dinner.
Here you can serve a choice of featured liquor cocktails or a nice glass of wine to compliment the meal. The possibilities here are endless, but guests will be impressed, as this 3rd course drink is made available.
After Dinner Dessert & Apperatif

Served after dinner
Now we come to an enjoyable moment of the evening, Dessert! First your guests are treated to one of our premium fondue chocolate fountains (white, dark, or milk chocolate), where they will find an array of fresh strawberries, fruits, salty snacks, and interesting sweets. As your chocolate cravings are satisfied they will be served a glass of sherry.

Planning a full course drink menu can be rewarding, but be sure to plan carefully. You don't want foods sweeter than your apperitif for example, and always sample your selections when possible. If your planning a 5 star meal, be sure to create a 5 star drink menu by pairing your spirits accordingly. You're guests will notice and appreciate the difference, as such details are often overlooked. Can you remember the last time your meal was paired with drink selections?
For help with pairing drinks contact our email address sales@tennesseebartenders.com


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