Business Machines 25th Anniversary Bar

Hosted at Butterfly Gap Retreat this bar created a festive atmosphere for Business Machine's 25th Anniversary. The bartenders Andy and Stephanie poured virtually every cocktail creation known. The front of the bar had customized black ribbon with the companies name and every mixer imaginable. The rear of the bar used a custom built oak prop to display the liquor selections and was in the center of two gigantic margarita glasses filled with real margarita! Private bartending at it's finest. All glassware, supplies, and props supplied by Tennessee Bartenders.


  1. you site is pretty cool ... nice arrangement ... only criticism would be the Ads ... unless I make a LOT of $$ via Ads, I'd remove it ... just my opinion !

  2. Sridhar,

    Thanks for the comments. It helps to get an outside view. Are you refering to the blog ads or the ones one on the web site?


  3. Sorry dude, I think i am losing my mind. I thought I saw some google ads as in Adsense ... But yeah the blog is cool and your business/bar is impressive !