Wedding and Party Bar Q&A with the Bartender.

This blog will explore some of the most popular questions we recieve from customers when planning their receptions and private events.
Should I buy kegs or bottled beer for my reception?
Typically, kegs are cheaper than bottles, but bottles will offer greater variety. Kegs are often considered when hosting parties of 80 or more people. At the end, unused bottles can be taken home, while left over keg juice is wasted.
How many bartenders do I need for my party?
The industry average is about 1 bartender per 75 guests, for beer and wine only events, and 1 per 50 at a full liquor bar event. Many good tenders can push this number to 1 per 125 (beer/wine only) or 1 per 75 (full bar), but at wedding receptions, most brides agree that it's better to be overstaffed with no waiting time for drinks.
How much alcohol will I need for our event?
Figure about 2-3 drinks per person in most situations. For more info see my custom designed formula for figuring these amounts, also on our blogs page.
Do I need liqueurs in the bar selection?
If you are serving a full liquor bar then you should buy a bottle of Triple Sec at the bare minimum. If you wish to offer a certain type of cocktail at your reception, then check out the recipes to ensure you have the alcoholic ingredients required, as many popular cocktails use them.
What about the toast?
The most common mistake is for a couple to not get schedules to the bartenders. Pouring and passing out the toast glasses will usually take the tenders about 5 minutes, and having to wait 5 minutes can really choke up a good speech. Make sure the bartenders have the schedule and this way they can coordinate a secret hand signal or send morris code to the DJ (you get the idea).
What about tip jars?
First let me say, I have no opinion on this, I am just offering the facts. In my experience about 70% of weddings request no tip jars and in this case the tip can be handled through the host. The other 30% could care less. I have never noticed a guest having a problem with a tip jar and a decent number of guests will tip even when told there is no tip jar and its covered. However, many hosts are absolutely against this. Personally, I can give great arguements for both sides and you should make the decision you are comfortable with. Most wedding planners will advise against tip jars. If you are unsure of what to do here just handle it yourself.
What liquors do I need?
The standard bar will have vodka, tequila, rum, gin, and whiskey. However, I will attempt to rate the liquors I think are most important and popular by experience. If you wish to offer a smaller than above, start at the top of the list and go down according to your budget limits.
1. Whiskeys (Crown or Jack will go very fast in most circumstances)
2. Vodka (Rarely asked for by name, so buy a lot of one brand and your good)
3. Gin (Martinis are always asked for by someone, but not in huge numbers)
4. Rum (Great for the person who always asks, what can you make me?)
5. Tequila (Maragaritas are hit or miss, meaning youll go through a ton or none at all)
6. Scotch (Typically, not so popular, but if you have a family member who likes it you may want to buy a bottle)

This concludes our blog, but if you have a question you dont see here just shoot me an email at sales@tennesseebartenders.com. We'll even help you if your not using our services. We love good bar questions.

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