What is BarBop?

The easy answer would be that BarBop is a bartending and espresso bar service. They offer certified and insured bartenders for any event and can bring along a huge selection of party rentals like glassware, tables, linens, keg chillers, frozen drink machines and more. However, the aim of this blog is to explain why were called BarBop.

BarBop was the result of 2 dictionary explanations resulting in our new term. We define BarBop as "One who brings the bar to you".

If you look up the word Bop, it's defined as slang for, move the party on down the road. So our idea was to move our bars on down the road. Thus you have the word BarBop. To view our fancy flash logo visit our home page.
Each BarBop bartender is specifically trained to set-up and serve using mobile bar equipment.

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