Be the bar star!

Bartending is not for the bashful. In the past, I have seen many employees come and go. There is an obvious trend with succesful bartenders and even party hosts. They have great personalities. Personality allows marginal bartenders to out perform many with superior bar knowledge, and sky's the limit for experienced ones who utilize them.

Many personality defecits seem to be a lack of communication. Bartenders are often the center of a good conversation and should be prepared to communicate. By learning their trade and remembering a few key points anyone can be a good entertainer.

Here is a list of things I do to prepare myself for some events. Some of these items are now a routine for me.

  • Every time you have an event learn a few good clean jokes. Google em or subscribe to an online joke a day blog.
  • If serving wine, read the label, so you can describe it with confidence. Also, increase your knowledge with some tips like these.
  • Read the news. World news or sports are great items to discuss when all else fails. I usually glance at AOL's front page.
  • Learn how to pour beer correctly.
  • Impress people with your bar trivia knowledge.

Hopefully, these ideas will help spark your imagination. The next time you need a topic you'll be prepared and ready to entertain by remember some of these tips. Always be ready to switch it up! I am currently working on my acting imitations for example, but only time will tell if it's a success.

Goodluck and be sure to visit BarBop the next time you need great bar service at your event.

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