LED bars and stands light up your event

BarBop's lighted LED bars can display solid or changing light patterns with any of the colors in the RBG spectrum. These bars are DMX controlled offering them the ability to match your wedding reception or D.J.'s light scheme.
We offer several glow bar styles to choose from. Our smallest piece is meant to serve as a branded podium, bar extension, or table. This is the green lighted mini-bar in the left photo.
The purple bar on the right is actually a semi-circular bar that is about 7' in length. This piece offers full bar capabilities. Use these in tandom with one another, or mix and match, as in the photo above. If you would like more information and to see a video of these bars in action visit www.BarBop.com/barstyles.html
In the future, BarBop will be offering a full array of additonal LED glowing tables for banquets. Stay tuned for details. For high profile events we can even custom build lighted bars and backdrops to interface with each other.

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