Holiday Party Safety Tips

Andy here with BarBop to mention a few tips on keeping your guests safe this year. The last thing any of us want are friends and family hitting the road after your party and ending up in jail, hurt, or maybe worse. With that in mind here are a few ideas.

1. Last Call Time
If your paying someone like BarBop you can have the last call set in advance of the parties scheduled end time. If doing the bar yourself, take a mental note and do a last call at a scheduled time. Whenever you do this, take all alcohol away from your bar area, and hide it. Otherwise a last call is not going to work well.

2. The Key Bucket
If your planning to have a lively event then asks guests to place their car keys in a basket that you will hold on to for safe keeping. This gives you a chance to see them before they leave.

3. Don't overserve
Ya Ya it's a no brainer. However, just concious pouring can eliminate many problems. I have seen supposed veteran bartenders who can not judge the amount of liquor in drinks they have poured for years. If your unsure use a jigger or measuring device. Also, beware aware of the alcohol content of each liquor you use.

4. Have a plan
Ok so you take some steps and one of your pals still drinks too much. It happens, but what's next? Try to have a, just incase plan. Designate someone that is not drinking to take people home or be sure to clean off that old air mattress in the closet.

Hopefully, this will help you plan your holiday event a little safer. For more holiday tips, recipes, and ideas, be sure to subscribe to the BarBop.com blog.

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