Gift Ideas for Bride and Groom from a male perspective

While bartending is my area of wedding expertise there are numerous others facets that any event professional becomes familiar with like wedding gifts. Being a male I'm sure my wants are slightly different from the typical bride's, but I will attempt to be as unbiased as possible by not discussing x box 360's and the latest flat screen plasma. This blog will simply list some of the neat ideas I have seen.

First, I have to give credit to those couples who bring in a super nice bottle of wine. Occasionally, I see the $50 plus bottles of wine gifts. I have a few recommendations if you do this. Don't ask the bartender to put this bottle on ice and serve it for their toast. This seems like an excellent idea at the start, but most couples have already had a few by this time and will not have the time or concentration to enjoy your hard earned dollars. They may never even know it was your gift. If your spending big money on wine, champaigne, or liquor then wrap it, so the couple can enjoy and appreciate it at a later date.

Second, would be the typical ideas like luxury bedding and bedding sets. You'll see a lot of people buying these for new couples and it's something they probably need. However, if your going to do it, why not do it with style. Spacify.com is a great site that offers some cool modern furniture, bedding, and dining designs.

Third, I am going to have to say money. Who can't use more of that? Money can be used for virtually anything these days, imagine that. The only thing money can't buy is love, and they already have that, so why not give them a little? Many weddings even have the "tip the bride dance" where everyone is allowed to stuff a dollar bill in her veil. Those are always a blast.

Well not lot to it in my opinion. While researching this topic I saw articles on buying items like jewelry and other items, but I felt that most of those items only appealed to the bride. Personally, I dont want one of these contraptions called a vacuum. I don't even know what they do! Also, what would I do with an expensive glass vase. Sure they look beautiful and cost a ton of money, but I would rather have the ton of money.


  1. Love, love, love your ideas and links!! Most of these little gifts can be modified for

    the holidays too with the substitution of red and green for the ribbons and other


    Thanks for sharing!

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