High volume frozen cocktails with Buffet's Frozen Concoction Maker

We get beatiful frozen drinks from our Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville Concoction makers. While not cheap, at a price tag of about $400 each, they work great! As a professional bartending service we strive to create drinks that look and taste great. Jimmy Buffet's machine allows us to both.
The concoction maker is a great tool and can be adapted to work well for high volume needs. In the photo above you can see a beatiful frozen strawberry dairuirie made in the eye of the storm. Although we were in the weeds, we were able to maintain high quality drink service with the blender. We actually own two of their larger models and love them both. For high volume service it is definitely necessary to have atleast two of the mixing pitchers available.
Commonly, we serve a selection of standard frozen drinks like margaritas, daiquiries, and pina coladas when using the blender. It's always easy to use real fruits, as opposed to pre-mixes, when using the maker. At Tennessee Bartenders we offer blender packages with the Jimmy Buffet Concoction Maker that come complete with fresh mixing fruits, custom garnish flags, colored salts, and more, for any event.

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